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Sunday, 10 September 2017


 Have you ever experienced a bee or wasp landing on you? A lot of people just tend to panic when a bee lands on them they try to blow it off, but they just succeed in making the bee a lot more angry.

Bees are important animals because they pollinate the flowers and make honey, but some people just naturally hate them for a couple of reasons, like sitting on a bee. Just when you find the perfect spot to sit down to have a picnic and a bee comes along, and another, and another you're just trying to have a peaceful picnic and you get bombarded by bees. you're trying to shoo the bees away with a sandwich in your hand and you end up accidentally throwing your sandwich on the ground.

Have you experienced a wasp getting trapped inside, the house is chaos and your dad is trying to trap with a cup. He slaps the cup down on the wasp and he squishes one of the wasps legs and then he lets it escape and all that just makes the wasp angry. 

You know when you are in the pool and a bee comes along and you try and fly swat it and you accidently hit your younger sister in the face and she starts crying. Then your mum comes along and yells at you, all this just because a bee.
So think twice before acting with bees.

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